The SBCR "Boathouse"

How to find us?! The Cachuma Lake Fire Station is located south of the Mohawk Group camping site/ Mohawk disc golf course. We are located directly in front of the fire station and behind their sign.


After the kiosk, you will come to a STOP sign. Turn right.  Please remember you are in a park and the speed limit is tightly controlled at 15-20 MPH.  The Rangers will pull you over if you go faster.

After the speed bumps, you will approach the General Store and a 4-way stop sign.  

Again turn right, away from the general store.  

 You will come to a fork in the road. Follow the signage downhill directing you to the Mohawk Group Site.

It will be about 3/4 of a mile. You will round an inlet of the lake and will then come to and cross a wooden bridge.  After the bridge bear right to the Mohawk group camping site. There are generally a few cars parked in early morning.

Please park where the disc golf parking signs are, there will likely be other cars parked there. Our boats are visible beyond the sign for SB Fire Station, behind a white gate. Do not attempt to drive into the SB Fire Station area where our boats are, this is the primary access for the fire crew and must be left clear at all times.


To inquire about anything here, contact Coach Gracie at!



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