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Our rowing program is a full-body workout suitable for individuals aged 12 and up, focusing on enhancing your leg, back, core, and arm strength. Beyond the physical benefits, it elevates your cardiovascular fitness, sharpens your concentration, heightens spatial awareness, and fosters a deeper connection with nature, all while reminding you to stay in the moment.

If you’re already an experienced rower and don’t need a refresher, contact us for an evaluation and to meet the community! The coaches will individually assess new experienced rowers and will take into account prior experience including on-the-water observations.


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Try it Out

Want to see what it's about without committing to a full learn-to-row session? Sign up for one of our upcoming Community Weekends.

Learn to Row

Our 8 week Learn-to-Row course is a slow paced extensive course designed to teach you the fundamentals of rowing starting at the most basic level and teaches you how to master the sport. 

Private Lessons

Get your first strokes in, or improve your technique, in a private setting.

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